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Here you will find the very best selection of books and other print media to help you on your journey towards learning Chinese. The following is my personal selection of books, including works on speaking Chinese, reading and writing the language, and travelling in China. Enjoy!

Other books by Rowan Kohll. Seriously, what else can I say? Buy them, leave five-star reviews, and tell all your friends about them. Thank you!

Fun with Chinese Characters, Volumes 1, 2 and 3, by Tan Huay Peng and Huoping Chen. Each page is tells the story of a different Chinese character. These books are packed with information, including funny cartoons to help you remember them, the origins of the characters, how to write each character step by step, and related phrases.

Knee Howdy, by Nathan Cain. An excellent book, and notable for being one of the few books which uses mnemonics to teach Chinese words (although not characters).

Chineasy, by ShaoLan. Another book which uses mnemonics to teach Chinese. This beautifully illustrated book makes Chinese characters easy and fun to learn, although it does not have mnemonics for Chinese words or tones.

River Town, by Peter Hessler. This wonderful story about teaching English in rural Sichuan gives an insightful, sympathetic and realistic glimpse into life in China. His other two books about living in China (Oracle Bones and Road Trip) are also highly recommended.

Chinese Business Etiquette: a Guide to Protocol, Manners, and Culture in the People’s Republic of China, by Scott D. Seligman. Don’t be put off by the fact that this is a book aimed at business people – it’s a treasure trove of good advice on everything you need to know about living and working in China.

Guide books to China. There are plenty of these around to choose from! In my experience the Lonely Planet guide to China and the Rough Guide to China are two of the best, each full of up-to-date information on all the places you can go to, with useful appendices on Chinese culture and language.

The Complete Guide to Memory Mastery, by Harry Lorayne. One of the best books on memory systems, this book includes a chapter on learning languages through mnemonics.
If there's one thing I love, it's finding websites to help! The internet is a huge playground, and you can find amazing things on it. Here is my personal selection of the very best websites and online resources for helping you to learn Chinese.

Games4Primary is my own personal teaching website. It has a huge selection of games and links for learning all subjects, including an excellent set of resources for learning about China and Chinese:

Lingo Hut has a comprehensive selection of topics, with different tools for learning Chinese in each one:

Chinese Tools has lots of excellent ways to learn Mandarin:

Learning Chocolate is a great website for learning vocabulary. Each section has six different games to practise reading, writing and listening to the Chinese vocabulary learned in it:

Chinese4Kids has lots of fun resources and clever ideas for helping children to learn Mandarin:

Digital Dialects is a great website for learning beginner’s vocabulary, with games to listen to Chinese and read characters and pinyin, covering all the basics of vocabulary:

Semanda is very good for basic vocabulary, with printable flashcards covering many areas:

BBC Languages has a selection of activities for beginners to learn Mandarin, including videos and interactive games:

Hacking Chinese is a fascinating website full of useful articles, tips and resources for helping you to learn Chinese faster and better:

Mandarin Chinese on ThoughtCo. is a comprehensive encyclopaedia on learning Chinese, full of useful facts and tips:

FSI Language : the materials which were developed to train American diplomats who travelled abroad are now freely available online – slightly dated, but comprehensive and very useful:

Pitch Perfect Pinyin is a great resource for overcoming the challenges posed by learning Chinese tones:

Wo Mingbai – a website which, much like the 1-Minute Chinese books, uses mnemonics to teach Chinese characters:

Growing Up with Chinese follows the adventures of a Chinese family hosting a foreign student in Beijing. Interspersed with presentations and cartoons on learning the phrases presented, this series is fun and accessible. Each episode also has an attached pdf file where you can read the script in both characters and pinyin.

Toon Books : the Professor Garfield website has a section in which you can read and listen to comic books in different languages, including Chinese.

This list of the three thousand most common Chinese characters ( http://www.zein.se/patrick/3000char.html ) was most useful in compiling the material for this series of books.
Fun Class Tools games!

Made using the wonderful classtools.net website, these fun quizzes can be played in a variety of formats, and will help you to review all of the vocabulary in each of my books.

I want to speak Chinese...NOW! Go to to http://www.classtools.net/arcade/201704_RRc8DY to play a fun range of arcade games, and to http://www.classtools.net/crossword/201704-8J4A53 to play a crossword puzzle.
1-Minute Chinese, Book 1: go to http://www.classtools.net/arcade/201704_W3iCM6 to play a fun selection of arcade games.